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Microblading, Ombre Brows, and Combo Brows by Rose Tran

At Beauty Art Pro in Geneva, witness the pinnacle of eyebrow artistry by Rose Tran, crowned the first Royal Artist in Geneva by the Phi Academy. With expertise in microblading, ombre brows, and the exquisite combination of both in combo brows, Rose Tran transforms brows into masterpieces.

1. Microblading Excellence: Embark on a journey of microblading, a meticulous technique that creates natural, hair-like strokes. Rose Tran’s precision and artistry ensure that each stroke contributes to the perfect, customized shape, framing your face with elegance.

2. Ombre Brows (Powder Brows): Experience the soft gradient effect of ombre brows, expertly crafted by Rose Tran. This technique results in a powdery finish, subtly defining your brows with a shade that seamlessly complements your skin tone. The result is a polished and refined look that lasts.

3. Combo Brows Fusion: Witness the harmonious fusion of microblading and ombre brows in combo brows, a signature technique mastered by Rose Tran. This approach combines the natural look of microblading strokes at the front of the brow with the soft shading of ombre brows towards the tail, achieving a perfect blend of definition and subtlety.

4. Rose Tran: The First Royal Artist: Phi Academy, a renowned institute, bestowed the prestigious title of Royal Artist upon Rose Tran. As the first in Geneva to receive this honor, Rose brings a level of expertise and innovation that sets the standard for brow artistry.

5. Beauty Art Pro Experience: At Beauty Art Pro in Geneva, Rose Tran transforms brows into works of art. The studio is a haven where precision meets elegance, and clients are treated to the expertise of a Phi Academy Royal Artist.

6. Elevate Your Beauty: Whether you desire the meticulous strokes of microblading, the soft powder finish of ombre brows, or the perfect fusion in combo brows, Rose Tran ensures that your brows become a defining feature of your beauty.

7. Phi Academy Legacy: As a Phi Academy Royal Artist, Rose Tran is part of a legacy that represents excellence and innovation in the world of beauty. Clients at Beauty Art Pro benefit from the latest techniques and the highest standards of artistry.

8. Consultation with Rose Tran: Every brow transformation begins with a personalized consultation with Rose Tran. Your desires and features are carefully considered, ensuring a customized approach that brings out the best in your natural beauty.

Visit Beauty Art Pro: Experience the artistry of Rose Tran at Beauty Art Pro in Geneva. Elevate your brows to new heights with microblading, ombre brows, and the perfect fusion in combo brows. Unveil the beauty that comes from the hands of Geneva’s first Phi Academy Royal Artist.

Microblading, Ombre Brows, and Combo Brows services at Beauty Art Pro in Geneva

Ombré Brows

Ombré Brows, an eyebrow enhancement technique, has taken the beauty world by storm, offering individuals a way to achieve beautifully defined and elegant eyebrows.

Combo Brows

Combo brows is an innovative eyebrow enhancement technique that combines microblading’s realistic hair-like strokes with the soft shading of powder brows. This approach delivers beautifully defined and long-lasting results for fuller and more natural-looking eyebrows.


A revolutionary semi-permanent makeup technique, has taken the world of eyebrow enhancement by storm. It offers a perfect blend of precision and softness, delivering naturally defined and softly shaded eyebrows.

Lip Blush

Lip blush is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that enhances the natural color and shape of the lips. It involves the application of pigment to create a subtle and long-lasting tint, resulting in fuller and more defined lips with a healthy, rosy hue.


Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique that enhances the appearance of eyebrows by creating natural-looking, hair-like strokes. This popular procedure is ideal for those seeking fuller, well-defined brows with long-lasting results.

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