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Russian Volume eyelash extensions

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Russian Volume 2D/3D and 4D/5D

When it comes to creating a lush and voluminous lash line, Russian Volume extensions are the epitome of glamour. The “D” in 2D/3D and 4D/5D represents the number of lash extensions applied to a single natural lash. In simpler terms, this means two to five extensions are delicately attached to each of your natural lashes, resulting in a dense and luxurious lash fan. The Russian Volume technique offers a dramatic yet lightweight and comfortable look that’s perfect for special events or those who desire a bold, attention-grabbing gaze.

Mega Volume

Mega Volume takes lash extensions to the next level, offering a truly extravagant and show-stopping look. This technique involves applying six or more extensions to a single natural lash, creating an incredibly dense and fluffy lash fan. Mega Volume is the choice of those who want to make a statement with their eyes, whether it’s for a red-carpet event or a night out on the town. Despite the dramatic effect, Mega Volume lashes are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, ensuring you can bat your lashes with confidence.

For the ultimate eyelash extension artistry, explore the options at the Beauty Art Professional beauty salon in Geneva. Discover sets like Discovery, Classic, Volume Russian 2D/3D, 4D/5D, and Mega Volume. Our certified technicians, experts in the latest techniques, will assist you in selecting the ideal style to accentuate your natural beauty and express your individuality.

Elevate your gaze and embrace the world of eyelash extensions at Beauty Art Pro, where every blink becomes a masterpiece.

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