Lemon Bottle

Lemon Bottle fat dissolving Geneva

Lemon Bottle

The novel and efficient method for breaking down fat

Are you seeking a cutting-edge solution to eliminate stubborn fat in areas like the double chin, belly, or arms? Lemon Bottle Lipolysis treatment offers an innovative, non-invasive method for targeting localized fat deposits.

But what sets Lemon Bottle apart and makes it so remarkable?

Lemon Bottle is highly effective and stands out from other fat-dissolving treatments due to its minimal swelling post-treatment. Most individuals experience no downtime, and the procedure is virtually painless.

Lemon Bottle dissoudre les graisses Geneve

Experience it yourself now!

Lemon Bottle dissoudre les graisses Geneve

Safe to use

Our Fat Dissolving Injections are a safe and effective option for individuals looking to eliminate stubborn fat from certain areas of their body.

certified personnel

We collaborate with qualified personnel who are certified to administer Lemon Bottle treatments.

100% natural

We exclusively utilize 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients on your skin, which aid in retaining moisture and enhancing a radiant, healthy appearance.

After 2 spaced injections you can obtain results*

Choose the Zones

Make an appointment with our qualified technician in Lemon bottle to define the treatment plan.

Perform the Lemon bottle injections

The injections are not very painful and the Lemon bottle product is 100% natural. 
Massage well and have good hydration.

Wait two weeks

See the technician again for the results and for the second Lemonbottle injection.

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